Nahrin Mouthwash Spray (30 ml) 7 herbs

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Nahrin mouthwash (30 ml) Enjuague Bucal Elixir, Mezcla 7 hierbas, Mistura 7 ervas

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Nahrin mouthwash (30 ml) Enjuague Bucal Elixir, Mezcla 7 hierbas, Mistura 7 ervas

Oral hygiene is a very important part of body care. As the average age of people grows, the aim is to maintain the quality of teeth and gums for as long as possible.
By brushing the teeth regularly and properly, plaque and food debris are removed and, as a result, the number of bacteria in the oral cavity is kept low. This care helps to prevent the development of cavities, gingivitis, periodontal disease and bad breath. Cleaning the back of the tongue is also important, as this is usually where 60% of the bacteria in the mouth are found; it is these bacteria that are mainly responsible for halitosis. Nahrin mouthwash is the ideal complement to regular oral and throat hygiene. By “gargling” and “squeezing” the mouthwash between the teeth, all parts of the mouth are cleaned and food residues are removed from areas that cannot be reached by brushing, while the oral cavity is pleasantly refreshed and the smell is pleasant. The correct and regular use of mouthwash as an integral part of oral hygiene also effectively prevents inflammation. It is recommended to use mouthwash after every meal and after drinking sugary drinks or in cases where you cannot use a toothbrush.

It is especially recommended for people who suffer from bad breath and for those who wear dental appliances, crowns, implants, dental porcelains (Sage).

After a meal or snack, put a few drops of Nahrin mouthwash in a glass of lukewarm water and gargle, “squeezing” the water through your teeth, then spit out. Repeat 2-3 times
No need to rinse – it’s even better to let the 7 Alpine herbs take effect for a long time.

o Effective tenside-free mouthwash enriched with 7 herbs from the Alps
o Ideal for travelling and for when you can’t brush your teeth regularly
o Ideal to complement regular daily brushing with Nahrin dental gel
o Effective caries prevention
o Herbs from the Alps nourish and protect the gums and prevent irritation and
o Protects against unpleasant odours and spreads a pleasant, fresh feeling to ensure greater relaxation when interacting with other people
o Adding DecaBen BL protects both teeth and oral cavity against bacteria, thus protecting teeth against tooth decay
o All-natural mouthwash developed according to organic standards
o Contains no parabens, no PEG substances, no halogen combinations
o Contains food flavouring substances

The responsible person for all cosmetic products is: JC SwissCare Gmbh, Bundesstrasse 120, A-6923, Lauterach

Made in Switzerland


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